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Asphalt Testing Equipment from Humboldt Mfg. Co.

Humboldt Mfg. Co. provides a complete line of asphalt testing equipment including ductility testing machines, universal and portable penetrometers, penetration needles and cones, constant temperature baths, vacuum pressure regulators, viscometers, bomb samplers, Ford viscosity, Conradson carbon residue apparatus, sand abrasion testers, distillation equipment, Dean-Stark apparatus for water in petroleum products, Cleveland flash and fire point testers, centrifuge extractors, reflux extractor sets, solvent reclaimers, vacuum pycnometers, digital manometers, orbital de-airing tables, vacuum pumps, Marshall asphalt stability test apparatus, Marshall compression, flowmeters, load rings, compaction molds, sample ejectors, and water baths.

Marshall and TSR Compression Machine, HM-1327MAR

Automatic Marshall/TSR Apparatus, HM-1327MAR

The Humboldt HM-1327MAR Marshall and TSR Compression Machine is a state-of-the-art apparatus specifically designed for Marshall and TSR testing. The microprocessor-based system incorporates a 16-BIT Analog to Digital (AtoD) converter with chart recorder output and RS232 computer connection capabilities.

The system automatically tests and records Marshall stability and plastic flow of Bituminous mixtures on one chart with an accuracy to less than 1% over the total range, eliminating operator error in dial readings and manual recording of data.

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Vacuum Pycnometer (Rice Test) Set, H-1750

Vacuum Pycnometer, H-1750

The vacuum pycnometer is used in Rice Testing to determine the maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures with maximum aggregate size up to 19.1mm (3/4 in.).

The H-1750 model has a 2000g capacity and includes a volumetric canister, volumetric lid, a flat Plexiglass vacuum lid with O-ring, volumeter, a 0 to 30" vacuum gauge with release valve and fittings, and a metal water vacuum aspirator with 3/8" IPT, 6' hose. The unit can achieve vacuum using the included aspirator or an optional vacuum pump.

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Orbital De-Airing Table for H-1750 Pycnometer, H-1782

Orbital De-Airing, H-1782

The Humboldt Orbital De-Airing Table is designed for use in maximum specific gravity and density determinations of bituminous paving mixtures. Through its orbital shaking action, material densification that entraps air is virtually eliminated. The unit has a variable speed controller from 10-250 rpm. Footprint is 10" x 10" (154 x 154mm) and height is 16" (406mm). 115V, 50/60 Hz. Taking up little counter space, the base is 10" x 10" (154 x 154mm) and has an overall height of 16" (406mm).

Quick release clamps are used to permit quick mounting and removal of the pycnometer. The optional H-1753 Flask Attachment allows the user to conduct tests using a laboratory flask.

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Automatic Triple Mechanical Compactor, H-1356D

Automatic Triple Mechanical Compactor, H-1356D

The Marshall Automatic Triple Mechanical Compactor includes a rotating base for 4" diameter specimens. Triple simultaneous specimen compactions are produced automatically at a preset number of hammer blows.

Machine shuts off on completion. Units include mechanical compactor, automatic counter, oak pedestal and mold assembly.

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Deluxe Water Bath, 110V 60Hz, H-1390

Water Bath with Microprocessor-Based Temperature Control, H-1390

The H-1390 waterbath includes a microprocessor-based temperature controller that handles temperature from ambient up to 180F (82C), with accuracy of 0.1% of input span. The unit is fully insulated with dual digital display that simultaneously shows set point and process temperature. Includes operator lockout, which guards against unwanted changes.

All exposed parts are stainless steel; the front panel is water and corrosion resistant. Samples are supported by a shelf which allows free circulation of 2" of water above and below.

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Humboldt Ductility Machine, H-1068X

Ductility Testing Machine, H-1068X

Designed for use with the force ductility test, this 3-speed ductility testing machine features finned stainless steel tubes beneath a false bottom for efficient thermal transfer. The unit comes with a stainless steel interior and baked enamel stainless steel-wrapped exterior.

Included are three H-1080 molds. H-1068PC Plastic Cover is recommended to maintain constant tank temperatures, highs and lows.

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